Our first application of SMD LEDs on alumina ceramic in 1988, involved creating the smallest possible design of LED lighting (lighting element for an illuminated pushbutton for the aviation industry).

Today, over 20 years later, we are still working with SMD LEDs, primarily because the automated production of state-of-the-art LED illuminants for general lighting is now possible (2008: over 600,000 individual white SMD Power LEDs).

Whether you require…

…effect lighting for decorative mirrors

…lighting systems for vanity mirrors

…sensor-controlled LED lamps

…reading lamps for coaches

…lighting for shipping

…or primary-colour lighting systems

… MHS LED lamps and lighting systems are tailor-made for each application. They are characterised by exceptionally high standards of quality and reliability, and an excellent thermal management.

Measuring and analysing LED products

Integrating sphere with spectrometer for the measurement of photometric dimensions

This level of quality is ensured by our comprehensive measuring equipment, which is used to determine photometric-physical dimensions, as well as our in-house lifetest for all LEDs used in our products. In addition to qualifying individual LEDs, our lighting engineering laboratory is naturally used to check the quality of secondary products which our customers have bought.

LED linear modul

multimaster RGB-controller

LED lighting system Miele

Lighting to suit all your needs

Everything from simple LED linear modules to network-capable RGB-coloured light controls and complete LED lighting systems, we have the perfect solution to make sure that our customers enjoy a unique position in their particular market.

Made in Germany to German quality standards yet competitively priced.