MHS has been working intensively since 1991 on the development and production of sanitary controls for automatic drain valves, especially those powered by battery, and we are happy to be recognised as the technological leader and innovation driver in customer and application-specific sanitary electonics, in all areas of sensor technology (IR, radar, capacitive, TouchLED). Bi-directional IR data communication for contactless in field parametrisation or data transfer, integrated system services (auto adaption, application data collection, etc) as well as our RTBSV (Real Time Behaviour & Status Visualization) are all standard features on all of our ISDSCs (Integrated Services Digital Sanitary Controls), irrespective of whether the control is powered by battery or mains supply.

Our system software includes the following as naturally integrated components: AutoSET, DDRE (Dynamic Detection Range Extension), TDR (Total Dynamic Response) extensive configerable automatic flushing functions, runtime surveillance functions, permanent system plausibility checks and a multi-level voltage surveillance. All of our controls have their own electronic identification (ID-Code), from which it is possible to identify not only the control itself, but also the system parameters determined by our test machine during calibration, and the component charges used in our production line when processing the products (extended traceability).

Protronic S module

UsusW controller board

Sx5 WT-controller

EuroplusE functional module

The current generation of our infrared ULPwrEnhT ISDSCs (UltraLowPowerEnhanncedTechnology ISDSCs) is based on over 50 man years of development and the experience of more than 1.5 million sanitary controls already in use. They allow, in combination with an appropriate bistable magnet valve, a typical battery life of > 12 years when used approx. 150 times daily (specifications: ULPwrEnhT ISDSC urinal control, powered by a 6V / 1300 mA lithium battery, A&K Mčller solenoid valve with 28 ohm coil).

As it is not possible to present the unique features of all of our ISDSCs here, we invite you tocontactfor further information on these products.