Preserving our natural environment for generations to come, safeguarding employment, as well as continuously improving conditions of employment are of utmost concern to our company, Münchner Hybrid Systemtechnik GmbH. We are actively committed in safeguarding the environment. All targets attached to this mission are being carried out through all department levels. We are convinced that an active environmental policy is also strengthening our business position. The continuous improvement of our management systems will help us in the long run, to minimize the environmental impact on all our business activities.

Environmental Targets

It goes without saying that we are in compliance with legal provisions concerning the environment. Furthermore we continuously improve the environmental impact of our manufacturing methods and products, from their design to their removal.

Resources, energy, water and other goods are being used as economically and purposefully as possible. In the range of environmental protection, we offer training courses and hand out information, so that our employees are being motivated to act environmentally conscious.

We work closely together with all of our contractors and appropriate authorities, when it comes to environmental matters. We have prepared emergency plans (for all of those environmentally critical activities and procedures, that can’t be avoided) and set up all the necessary organizational and technical provisions, to avoid the accidental release of substances or energy. Precautions are made, that all our contractors who are working on our factory premises, are bound to our company standards.

New investments are being made based on the most innovative technology available, fulfilling Münchner Hybrid Systemtechnik GmbH purchase criteria. The efficiency of our environmental policy and our environmental management system is being continuously ensured and controlled through internal and external audits.

Strategic Targets and Specific Targets

Environmentally relevant targets and specific targets are being specified and documented, as well as broken down into different department levels. Environmental targets are in line with environmental policy. They contain the obligation to avoid negative environmental impact, as well the continuous improvement of the internal environmental protection.

As of 19.09.2012