When Münchner Hybrid Systemtechnik GmbH (MHS) was created in 1986 by 5 young engineers as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solid State Technology in Munich, the name of the new company reflected the exciting new technology of hybrid integrated circuits. Technology moves with the times, and the orignial vision of "The development, production and distribution of components and machines for use in hybrid integrated circuits and SMDs", has developed into one of the leading electronic engineering companies in Europe, specialising in sensor controls for non-contact sanitory fittings.

Although you may not recognise our name, you have most certainly come into contact, or almost into contact, with one of our products. Whenever you have used a fitting with a sensor - a tap, a shower or a toilet - you have unknowingly used MHS technology.

We actually don't mind working "behind the scenes", as we are something of an insider tip when it comes to product design, electronics development and manufacturing.

MHS today

Today, the word hybrid represents the combination of technologies within a single product, and especially the mixture of sensor technology, microelectronics and modern sources of light. Our unique TouchLED technology allows us to produce products which were previously unthinkable, in which the semiconductor LED light source is used both as a lamp and a sensor element.

luminaire with TouchLED

iqua Touch

In addition to the TouchLEDs, which are now available in 3 basic variations, we offer products ranging from battery-powered, non-contact sanitory sensors to intelligent sensors and control machines for the contactless switching on/off and dimming of light.

Innovative lighting based on superlight LEDs, general control applications (e.g. "Call a Bike" locking system) and the digital processing and analysis of pressure signals in the combustion chamber of petrol engines ("knock-measure-detection system" for BMW engine development) are all part of our range of products.

All that remains today of our vision is the fact that we own our own, fully-automatic SMD-production line, which allows us, in combination with other in-house technology - to develop and produce environmentally-friendly products with Made in Germany quality at an internationally competitive price.

The combination of development and production which we offer, supported by a wide range of production techniques and extensive automation, form the basis of our products' strengths.

Our successes are a direct result of the expertise and commitment of our professional team, making sure our customers are satisfied from the development stage to the finished product.