Smart systems
for successful brands

Intelligent sensor and control solutions
for sanitary and lighting systems

The best of both worlds

Innovative sensor and control solutions
for sanitary and lighting systems

Established as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute over 30 years ago, mhs – Münchner Hybrid
Systemtechnik GmbH – holds a leading position in Europe among the renowned suppliers
of system electronics for sensor and control technology.

Today’s requirements in terms of safety, comfort and individuality are increasing. The demand for touchless control
of sanitary fittings has significantly risen due to increasing hygiene concerns. Likewise, wide-ranging
TouchLED solutions and exclusive capacitive sensor technologies are opening up previously unimaginable
possibilities for designing high-quality interiors. Modern living and working environments – as well as the
transport sector, such as airplanes – demand applications that can be individualized.

To combine the best of both worlds is our mission. Wherever the integration of intelligent sensor and
control technology in modern sanitary and lighting applications is required,
we support successful brand manufacturers as a development partner and manufacturer.

Welcome to mhs – your specialist for innovative system technologies!