mhs remains on course for the future

We drive sensor and control technologies forward.

The mhs forecast for the fiscal year 2020 is promising and our half-yearly results for the first six months are encouraging. It is a good thing that our purchasing department procured enough stock at the beginning of the year and also that the cooperation with our long-term suppliers, including, and especially, in China, is very close. As a result, there were no delays whatsoever for our customers. We were able to deliver almost all projects on time. Only in a few cases and after prior consultation with our customers were there minimal delays amounting to just a handful of days.

The new hygiene requirements associated with Corona are stimulating business in the sanitary sector. Touchless fittings are particularly in demand! We are proud that, thanks to our close cooperation with our suppliers as well as skilful purchasing and production planning, we have been able to fulfil all our orders to date. All in all, mhs is coping very well with the upcoming challenges of the new normal. Of course, we are pulling out all the stops to ensure not only agreed delivery dates and quantities: our customers see us as a development partner and we are happy to contribute our 30 years of expertise in developing innovative solutions and new, groundbreaking products with our customers.

Are you shaping the future in the sanitary and lighting sector? We have the right sensor and control technology for you!