Ready for bigger things

The signs point to change.

Clearly, we have outgrown ourselves: the premises in Munich’s Westend are simply too small. When we started out in 1986 in the Gewerbehof in the Westend district of Munich, 102 m² was sufficient for us. By 2019, 1100 m² is not enough. Over the years, a lot of rooms were added, spreading the company across four floors of the building. But that hardly made the distances any shorter. Our production facilities have been working at full capacity, and even though the components of our sensor and LED components are very small, every increase in the number of units pushed us to the closer to the limit. Possibilities for expansion? Sadly, no chance!

So, in 2017 we started looking for a suitable facility where we could offer our customers maximum performance and the best possible service. The new company headquarters needed one thing above all: more space! But size is not everything. Flexibility in the division of space was also important for us to adapt processes and procedures. In addition, the atmosphere should support our operations – so that all employees feel comfortable.

We breathed a sigh of relief when we found an excellent site for mhs – in the Triebwerk Business Campus in Freiham. And alongside our move, our digital presence is also changing. We are revamping our website to document the expanded mhs service spectrum for our customers and all interested parties.

Soon the relocation date will be fixed: October 2019!